Patrick Pagès
Patrick Pagès

Patrick started his musical studies with an enlightened amateur: Joseph Rigudes.

He obtained First prize in Jean-Pierre Canihac and Jean-Pierre Mathieu’s classes in the «CRR » of Toulouse, he then perfected his technique with Roger Jeanmarie and Robert Pichereau.

He holds a CA (Certificat d’Aptitude) in conducting, a CA in teaching and school management, and a Trumpet CA of the CNFPT (Centre National de la Fonction Publique Territoriale).

He is a former director and trumpet teacher in the music school of Muret, he now teaches trumpet at the « Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental de Montauban.»

Absorbed in baroque music, he regularly performs witht he  Montauban Baroque Orchestra, l’Ensemble baroque de Toulouse, and with l’Ensemble baroque de Nice.

He sometimes plays with the Toulouse Chamber Orchestra.